West Midlands Wedding Videography by Shoot It Yourself

West Midlands Wedding Videography and Wedding Vlogging

Wedding movie or wedding memories! You’d think they were the same but Shoot It Yourself is a creative fun way to capture your wedding day.

Shoot It Yourself is a non-traditional way to capture your wedding footage – whilst a videographer will capture and create very polished movies, vlogging will create the real, fun, natural footage of your day.

Guests love interactive weddings – they enjoy garden games, sparklers, confetti throwing, and everyone will always grab their phone to take pictures or do a little video (which you never get to see).

Shoot It Yourself gives your guests a chance to be actively involved by capturing video footage of all the fun, and behind the scenes action, that would normally be missed. As a couple you get a video that is a real reflection of you and your day.

Shoot It Yourself has captured a range of weddings in the West Midlands area, but we are now able to offer this service nationwide.

We started off with Vlog My Wedding (which still operates) that was created to run alongside Everybody Smile Photography in the West Midlands area. We were asked whilst photographing weddings “could you create a wedding video with a similar style”. Our style being documentary which is not your ‘ordinary’ videography style. Hence Vlog My Wedding was born!

We are now super excited to be able to offer this unique style of wedding videography nationwide as Shoot It Yourself!

"We weren’t going to have any kind of videographer on the day as we wanted it to be relaxed! Then we decided to have Vlog.... it was a lot more casual and the guests loved playing cameraman for the day. Alot more natural and just hilarious to watch back. These guys are the kindest loveliest people. Made us able to capture our memories. Your wedding day goes so fast, being able to watch it over is the best feeling especially for all those little things that you miss! Lots of fun, loved it...thank you"


“Nick and I are so happy that we chose Shoot It Yourself. You may be thinking will it be right for our wedding?! Well don’t ever under estimate your guests, in the moment they will surprise you and capture your wedding day through their eyes. Our guests certainly did. We have a Vlog that captures our day perfectly, memories we will have forever. Shoot It Yourself is a brilliant and fun way for you and your guests to capture your day. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Darren & Shoot It Yourself. Fantastic.”

“There are no words to explain how over the moon my husband and I are with the video that we have from Shoot It Yourself. The video captured the day perfectly and will forever be a memory that we can look back on to remember our wedding day. Our guests loved videoing the different parts of the day and it’s lovely to see the different perspectives of everyone. If you are having doubts on whether to have this, then I would recommend it 100%. Thank you to everyone at Shoot It Yourself for creating such an incredible memory.”

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