Karen And Rileys – Leamington Spa wedding Videogrpahy and vlogging

Tree climbing, some Ninja Turtles, two tipsy mums – and a load of coloured smoke bombs so potent they set off the fire alarm!

It was a lovely sunny day – perfect for a wedding at the pretty little church in Cubbington. Karen and James (although everyone calls him Riley, and so shall we) Riley had given me strict instructions – to create some totally natural morning footage with his grooms camera but nothing rude…

The wedding prep was full of laughter – the girls decided to pose for photos in the bathtub as a surprise for Karen – and the groomsmen were each given special gift boxes containing vodka, hip flasks and hangover cures. As it happens, it was the perfect gift as this was possibly the drunkest wedding I’ve ever had the pleasure of editing.
There were a few tears during the ceremony, but Riley soon wiped his eyes and started the serious business of celebrating.

All aboard the love bug to Leamington Spa, Next stop the The Riverside Glasshouse at Jephsons Gardens. https://www.just-inspire.com/venues/the-glass-house/
A convertible VW Beetle transported the happy couple (and a vintage VW camper van took the bridal party) to Jephson Gardens where the wedding breakfast was to be held. The Gardens and the Glasshouse served as a superb backdrop for vlogging and the sun was perfrct for beer to flow – the venue is at  a beautiful spot with lakes, fountains, wildlife, ancient trees and tropical plants.

The guys got some great footage  with the bridesmaids and groomsmen posing in various trees before the couple made their way into the reception. I don’t think they vlogged one serious expression  – they were all having too much fun pulling silly faces for the video camera.

Karen satisfied Riley’s obsession with Ninja Turtles by arranging a Ninja cake topper and turtle masks for the guests – anyone who wanted to give a speech had to wear one or they weren’t allowed to speak.

And it was a moving moment when Riley added the final touch to Karen’s wedding dress – a green and yellow turtle bandanna.
Speeches done, cake cut – now it’s time for more tree climbing!

The guests really did have lots of fun draping themselves over trees, around trees and up trees. There was much messing about and an awful lot of giggles –The cvideo cameras must of been in overdrive which was great fun for all of us because they were really going to town on the footage they captured.

Karen and Riley had planned to do something spectacular with coloured smoke bombs so they took the bridal party outside let let them off, It was indeed spectacular – within seconds the entire garden was full of red, blue, pink and orange smoke. I could barely make them out from the videos

Not only that, they set off the smoke alarms, very fun to watch.

Just around the time their two mums were spotted hugging, up a tree, Karen wanted romance  – and lots of it.

Dancing went on until late – and the evening will long be remembered for its many slut drops and the reappearance of the two mums as they took a turn around the dancefloor together. As Master Splinter quite rightly says, ‘Remember, nothing is as strong as family.’

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